Agriculture being the most important activity available to the community, KEARWE carries out research on local selected species of the common crops like maize, beans, sorghum, peas, millet and others. The benchmarks are; high yields, early maturity, withstanding drought because of the unpredictable weather patterns today, disease resistance and highly nutritious species. The main objective is to preserve these species and propagate them. It trains members to carry out organic manure processing (plant materials with animal dung).

It encourages use of slurry fertilizer for those members with Biogas facilities. It encourages construction of ECOSAN toilets so that human excreta both urine and feaces are used for promotion of agricultural production. It encourages green manure processing and application. It encourages and supports intensive agriculture such that even with limited land available some land is available for resting to allow it regenerate and maintain high productivity (the process known as hinga, raza). KEARWE teaches and promotes intercropping e.g. maize and beans, maize and peas, sorghum and beans e.t.c. The complementary systems ensure that Nitrogen is fixed by nodular plants to promote soil auto fertilization; it further promotes practices like terracing, mulching to allow the soils retains sufficient moisture to be used by the plants. It has emphasized reclamation of hillsides agriculture through sustainable terracing.