The problem area:
Vegetables growing in the Kigezi sub-region was the most reliable income earner until the collapse of the cooperative marketing system. This was re-enforced by lack of vegetable seeds and seedlings, lack and expensive agro-chemicals and the collapse of the government extension services.

What Kearwe is doing:
We are venturing into research on Vegetable seeds multiplication. We are also researching into the processing and application of organic herbicides and pesticides. We teach business planning to impress upon the community that vegetable growing is an alternative business capable of generating regular income. We rekindle the ideas and tenets of vegetable cooperative marketing and we underscore the values of value addition to the Vegetables. We train communities on best husbandry practices including processing and application of organic manure.

Where would we like to be:
We would like to revive the cooperative marketing system where the communities are assured of the market all the time.
We would like to have a sure source of vegetable seeds and seedlings all the time. We too would like to have adequate and sure supply of organic pesticides. We would be happy to usurp the provision of extension services so that the communities can comfortably and easily access vital information as and when needed.

What is needed to be where we desire to be:

  1. Financial support to carry out research on vegetable seeds multiplication, organic pesticides research and extension services logistical support?
  2. Government's good will in providing infrastructure and putting in place an agricultural conducive and enabling policy framework.