The problem area:
There was wide spread deforestation in the yester years mainly for Agriculture, fuel (charcoal) for cooking and trees for firing bricks. This practice continues up to today. Unfortunately little attention is paid to re-establishing these forests. Many of the Kigezi hillsides are real naked serving no useful purpose at the moment. Because of this soil fertility deteriorated which has been made even worse by soil erosion which has left the hillsides stony bare.

     What Kearwe is doing:
We are increasing the community awareness on the effects caused by deforestation with particular emphasis on the climate changes that are so evident today. We too undertake multiplication of tree seedlings both forest trees and fruit trees. We plant trees and encourage and support communities to do the same.

Where Would we like to be:
We would desire to have all these hillsides covered with trees through individual and community efforts. This would assist reclaim the degraded hillsides, promote the recovery of the natural environmental ecosystems and enhance the functioning of these ecosystems. Increased tree coverage would lead to enhanced water seapage to the water table by slowing the water run off and the tree rooting system would assist in delivering rain water to the water table. The raised water table would be a step ahead to the recovery of the degraded Wetlands.

What is needed to be where we desire to be:

  1. Cooperation from the government such that it allows idle waste land to be planted with trees as individuals, communities and partnerships.
  2. Community understanding and interest in restoring and conserving the natural ecosystems.
  3. Financing for acquiring tree seeds, raising seedlings on seed beds, training the communities and logistical support for implementing this project.
  4. Cooperation and sharing of vital information among other organizations undertaking similar activities.