The problem area:
The rural communities heavily depend on wood fuel with its attendant health problems due to poorly ventilated houses of mud and wattle structures. They are not connected to the electricity national grid and even if they were, they cannot manage the high costs of electricity. Fossil fuels like Kerosine/paraffin is out of their reach so is charcoal which itself is an environmental threat.

What Kearwe is doing: 
We are increasing the awareness of our communities on the available renewable energy avenues possible that do not increase the green house gases. We are spreading the gospel of conserving vegetation and forest cover which utilise these gases particularly corbon dioxide. We teach methods of frugal energy production and use with the available materials within the community reach including charcoal saving stoves, Biogas production and use, and litter biogasfication. We are also promoting the use of solar energy.

Where we would like to be:
We would desire to have an environmental concious community doing all it takes to preserve, conserve and promote the well being of the environment. We would desire to have a community able to own and utilise renewable energy sources like solar, Biogas and others. We would desire to have  a community living in a clean environment that promotes good health.

What is needed to be where we desire to be:

  1. Government good will towards promotion and use of renewable energy sources.
  2. Government commitment to promote renewable energy sources in form of incentives like tax exemptions on equipment and or promoting industries that manufacture the equipment and accessories in the country.
  3.  Financing to acquire renewable energy equipment and their accessories.