The problem area:
The natural occuring phenomena of global warming and climate change are negatively impacting on the rural communities. There are seasons when some communities go without adquate water leave alone its cleanliness and safety. Some of their water sources dry up due to prolonged dry spells. The distant water sources are unprotected and shared with animals both wild and domestic. As a result of climate change too, the communities' season dependant agriculture has suffered tremendously. 
What Kearwe is doing:
We are creating and increasing community awareness on the so unpredictable weather changes. We too are increasing community awareness on the possible ways out of the dilema and the possible mitigation avenues available. We are preaching and promoting water harvesting during the days of plenty. We are teaching water conservation methods and preaching the gospel of clean and safe water for healthy living (Sanitation and hygiene).

Where we would like to be:
We would desire to provide water harvesting equipment and logistics to the communities. We would like the communities to be with good shelter that facilitates collection of sufficient water particularly the roofing materials. The communities should be in position to have adquate water for home use for both humans and their animals plus possibly for limited agriculture as a form of food security measure. 

What is needed to be where we desire to be:

  1. Good will of the government in putting up supportive policies and infrastructure.
  2. Finances for logistical support and procurement of water tanks and accessories.