The problem area:
The physical environment has been chocked with polythlene waste bags, straws and bottles that have greatly degraded the environment and are hampering agriculture.

What Kearwe is doing:
We partnered with Sustainable Sanitation and Water Renewal Systems (SSWARS) who taught our members to model these waste materials into useful products. For example waste water plastic containers, plastic bags and plastic straws are modeled into different usable products. Soda bottle straws have been modeled into very good shopping baskets while waste polyethylene bags and bottles can be made into long lasting fencing poles. In addition to these community members are taught to practically gather all these waste products into confined particular places for disposing off. As for metallic products some of our community members are ably turning this into useful products like knifes, Axes, hinges and others through the inherent blacksmith practice.

An environment we would desire:
We would desire a physically clean environment that supports both good health and promotes agriculture.

What is needed to get where we desire:

  1. Financial support to buy equipment for suppressing and modeling waste materials into fencing poles.
  2. More skills training to keep our communities at a pace that can cope with the ever changing environment challenges.