The problem area:
Many families lack basic necessities partly as a result of lack of knowledge about the supplementality and complementality of livestock husbandry and crop husbandry. In a number of families among the communities one finds malnurished children. While as Livestock waste products dung and urine are important organic fertilizers, livestock products are important food diet components and income generating avenues. Also livestock dung is a good source of fuel (Biogas) that would promote the conservation of vegetation and tree cover that are used as a source of fuel by the rural communities.

What Kearwe is doing:
We are increasing the awareness of the communities about the supplementality and complementality of livestock and crop husbandry. We undertake trainings on best practices of animal husbandry, advise on the most beneficial breeds, train on the value addition on livestock products and train communities on the processing and use of Animal waste for energy (Biogas) and organic fertilizer (Kavundira and Slurry).

Where do we like to be:
We would like to be able to provide some seed stock to community members who do not own livestock today but are interested in livestock husbandry. We too would desire to facilitate Zero grazing given the limited land holdings in Kigezi region. We also would like to acquire logistics and implements for value adding on the milk. We too desire to venture into value addition on other animal products like sauceges, minced and tinned meat,hides & skins tanning. We are desirous of having a vibrant milk and other livestock products market.

What is needed to be where we desire to be:

  1.  Continued awareness on the best animal husbandry practices and how it relates and promotes crop husbandry.
  2. Promotion of value addition in order to have security of products and a reliable market.
  3. Financing for acquiring Animal stocks, aquisition of implements and logistics for project implementation.
  4.  Use of animal manure for bio-gasfication purposes.
  5. Use of the bio-gasfication byeproducts for clean fuel and organic manure.