The problem area:
During some good seasons, communities produce ample food and other commodity stuffs. The market takes on some according to the needs at the time. Some produce is consumed. Any that remains is wasted and lost and yet soon after the rich harvests and consumption there is complete lack of commodities and lack of income to the communities.

What Kearwe is doing:
We are preaching the gospel of conservation by adding value to our products. This has a multiplier effect in as far as assurance of the market is concerned i.e the communities preserve excess of what cannot immediately be consumed or sold and sell in the time of scarcity. In addition in times of scarcity prices are better than in times of plenty this is in addition to food security. We have taught some of our community members wine brewing, tomato and chile sauce making, yourgut making, Dying cloth and others.

Where we would like to be:
We would like to have a fully functional cottage industry to handle all the produce that usually go to waste especially the perishable crops that are not able to be stored. We would also desire to add value to even those products that can be stored for better returns to our communities. We would desire to search and provide information all year round in an effort to empowering the community with various life supportive skills.

What we need to be where we would like to be:

  1. Financial support to better train the communities and there after equip the communities to practice and continue in business.
  2. Financial support to purchase relevant equipment for processing and packaging materials for the various products. 
  3. Acquire computers and get a reliable internet connectivity to facilitate regular and timely information access.