The problem area:
Kigezi sub-region does not have a number of perennial crops. The banana plantations have of recent been completely devastated by the banana wilt bacteria. This has not only impacted negatively on food security to the communities but their source of income has been completely paralysed. Their healthy eating alternatives have been affected as their regular fruit source has disappeared.

What is Kearwe doing:
We are creating and increasing the awareness on healthy eating habbits with special emphasis on balanced diets and the special roles played by vitamins in the bodies. We do teach communities the ways to plan their businesses where apples and pine apple growing are appreciated to be viable business ventures and sources of regular income to the communities. We teach and promote pine apples and Apples growing, emphasizing the best husbandry practices that are likely to result in maximum productivity.

Where would we like to be:
We would desire to have a community with a reliable perennial crop like Apples and pineapples to ensure regular income to the communities? Also this would ensure a regular source of the vital vitamins that sustains a sound healthy community that would ensure desired labour requirements year round.

What is needed to be where we desire to be:

  1. Governments’ ability to provide infrastructure especially communication to the hill tops where the climate is ideal for these crops.
  2. Community interest in redeeming themselves from poverty.
  3. Financial support for disseminating knowledge and best practices on apple and pineapple husbandry, procurement of seeds and seedlings plus raising seed beds.