The problem area:
Many families among the communities are poverty striken. To them there is meager or no source of income what so ever. This predisposes them to inability to access basic life necessities like food, clean water, education, decent shelter and others.  A degraded environment makes matters even worse. Apiary could be a vital activity in raising the incomes of the communities and further more facilitate fast environmental recovery.

What Kearwe is doing:
We are re-invigorating the old age culture of Bees husbandry in the community and designing it into a commercial venture that can assist the communities raise incomes. This we are trying to achieve by increasing awarenes on projects that can make a difference in their lives like apiary and others. Building usefull skills among the communities like local Beehives construction/making and creating a sense of envirnmental conciousness in any of the community projects undertaken.

Where do we like to be:
We would desire to have community families and individuals with enough skills, sufficient food, sufficient income, a well recovered environment with functioning natural ecosystems and above all an environment consious community.

What is needed to be where we desire to be:

  1. To have Bees husbandry integrated in the day today activities as this would boost and promote agricultural productivity by the acts of Bees facilitating pollination as they collect nector and pollen raw materials in making honey. This would lead to bumper crop harvests such that the communities gain from the sale of crops, honey and other honey products. Also their activities lead to the recovery of Flora, multiplication of Fauna that lead to quick recovery of the environment Ecosystems.
  2. Financing would be vital for creating and increasing the awareness of the benefits of Bees among the communities. It is also vital in provision of logistics for the project implemmentation. It is necessary too in procuring inputs like improved Beehives, Honey harvesting equipment and honey processing equipment for high and quality production and products.