The growth of the lucrative pharmaceutical industry seems to have left a vacuum in the field professional service delivery sector. Who is out in the field to fill this gap of diagnosing correctly and treating accordingly? Handling the veterinary drugs safely and ethically? Are the farmers and consumers of the animal products safe Inspite of whoever is handling the sophisticated treatment and preventive chemicals handled by anybody in the field today? Is there any means of ensuring that these chemicals are sold to people who are able to use   them correctly? Has the government accordingly tailored the veterinary practice Act in line with the today’s challenges?

What about those who understand that these chemicals can turn poisonous if not so well handled and become a disaster to the animals themselves and those who consume their products? Some of these questions and more others need to be pondered over in order to assure and ensure the safety of our animals and the health of us all who consume animal products. An organized team of Veterinarians would be in position to undertake this task given the closeness and inter-dependence of animals and man.
We must re-think the interaction between man and animals and we must too rethink of that protein gap the livestock are capable of bridging and we must also rethink the safety of consuming animal products. What must be of great concern to all is the transmissibility of deadly diseases between man and Animals. Professionals ought to prove their worth to save human kind in this respect.

Veterinarians Beyond Boarders (VBBULtd) therefore came in handy to play the professional role not only to save animal lives but most importantly to save the human race by buffering the human race from contracting some deadly diseases (Tuberculosis, Anthrax, Brucellosis, Salmonella, Helminth, and many others)from the animals they keep and depend on for various purposes. These are all strong reasons why (VBBULtd) should take up this noble professional role.
To face the professionalism challenges squarely, we need to examine the possible strengths of an organized body of professional veterinarians, the possible weaknesses if any, the opportunities this presents and the possible threats that may hinder the success of such a body. By thoroughly vetting of the organizations strengths, we come to know the entire tool kit at our disposal to maximize the success of such an organization both effectively and efficiently. Effectively by only applying our resources with the very maximum, safe and sweet success when such tool kits are applied. Efficiently by having in mind that such services can be afforded by the service consumers and the consumers of the animal products. Equally, the examination of the organizational weaknesses help us in identifying the weaknesses inherent with the organization with a view of rectifying them and most importantly turning those weaknesses into strengths desired to catapult the organization into a successful story.
The critical analysis and full understanding of the opportunities open in any field that the organization operates in help the organization to tap into the open flood gates for the organization’s success. What is there in the field that the organization can look upon as to help the organization succeed? There is possibly nothing else as fatal as not understanding the risks that lay ahead of any undertaking. This is partly revealed by risk analysis. The risk analysis itself is informed by the capability of identifying the very likely risks, carefully analyzing the risks and proposing scientific methods of discounting such risks in order to always take on informed positions and avert organizational failures.