I. To put in place disease alert mechanisms and systems.
II. To acquire testing kits and put in place laboratory services.
III. To timely respond to disease outbreaks of livestock and any other domestic animals.
IV. To have outputs in place for disease containment activities.
V. To carry out vaccinations both programmed and non programmed.
VI. To monitor the vaccination intervention effort by either disease recession or progression.
VII. To evaluate the outcomes of the intervention efforts in livestock/ animal disease control and veterinary services intervention.
VIII. To draw up strategic programmatic (Vaccinations, de-worming, preventive treatments, etc.)
IX. To actively engage the public through purposeful community mobilization drive on animal and human health related issues.
X. To carry out public training on animal, human health linkages.
XI. To actively engage farmers and animal keepers on animal health/human health issues.
XII. To actively engage farmers on herd health programmes.
XIII. To promote farm planning as a means of increasing livestock productivity.
XIV. To promote mixed farming for its complementary and supplementary attributes towards increased productivity.
XV. To promote and increase animal productivity through best husbandry practices in animal breeding (Artificial Insemination, selection and breeding, superior embryo transfers etc.), best pasture agronomic practices, supplementary feeding, housing, marketing, records keeping, periodic routine management practices and others.
XVI. To promote commercial livestock farming as a means of gainful employment and food security.
XVII. To promote animal products (Milk, Meat, Hides & Skins) safe handling, processing and consumption.
XVIII. To constructively engage and train farmers on animal products value addition for better returns on their efforts.
XIX. To carefully constitute teams relevant to the tasks at hand for any challenge that arises. XX. To take on our customers assignments in the most ethical ways possible.
XXI. To timely deliver on any assignment to the best of our ability and knowledge.
XXII. To assist in the planning, formulation, execution and management of livestock and farm animal projects.
XXIII. To stock at all times materials, equipment, vaccines, Drugs, and other logistics for logical conclusion of our assignments at any given time.
XXIV. To network with all veterinary service providers including civil servants, individual Private Veterinary Practitioners, Pharmacists, Food Science and Technology Personnel, Nutritionists, Social Scientists and others in Anticipation of the synergies resulting from such association.
XXV. To set up pharmacies for ease of chemicals, vaccines and drugs acquisition in different corners of the country.
XXVI. To specifically put in place appropriate cold storage facilities and rooms for vaccines.
XXVII. To offer veterinary consultancy services and livestock Business Development and Management promotion.
XXVIII. To carry out pet and Guard animals Breeding and Training.
XXIX. To invest in the Business of Artificial insemination of all livestock, Donkeys, Camels and any other domestic animals and this shall where need be include wild Game; so as to generate better quality improved breeds and animal products.
XXX. To do business of birds breeding through management of Hatcheries of all types including brooders dealing in hatching Poultry, Turkeys, Geese, Guinea Fowls, Pet Birds and any other domestic or Necessary Birds.
XXXI. To deal in the acquisition of various Agro-Vet Corporate franchises of regional, national and international Companies within the line business and Trading in Agro-Vet drugs, products and services generally.
XXXII. To carry out all other activities which are consonant with the best practices for promotion of Animals’ and human health welfare.
XXXIII. To carry out team training and retaining veterinary professionals and other technical team members.
XXXIV. To foster team work amongst the Organization’s human resource and the community.
XXXV. To offer human and other animal’s disease Geo-surveillance and mapping strategy applications.
XXXVI. To carry out research, information gathering and Data Bank creation on the known and yet to be known/emerging diseases of Livestock that have a communicable disease nature to human beings.
XXXVII. To act promptly on policy issues and diseases’ containment efforts.
XXXVIII. To put in place diseases outbreak alert systems for timely interventions.
XXXIX. To put in place a clinical laboratory (scanning equipment, Microscopes, Testing reagents and kits) to aid correct diagnostic efforts.
XL. To always be alert and vigilant on diseases’ surveillance, outbreak, commitment plus monitoring and evaluation of outputs progression and outcomes of the disease containment efforts.
XLI. To always be on standby for any activity engagement in the areas of; Livestock, Farm animals and pets, Wildlife, Aquatic/Marine Life, Apiary and others.
XLII. To carry out business of Veterinary services on all Livestock, Farm animals of all types indigenous and exotic, wild Animals/Game, Apiary and Marine life/Aquatic.
XLIII. To invest in animal breeding generally and avail on regional and international markets improved animal species for sale.
XLIV. To carry out scientific experiments on animal genetics and breeding for improved quality of animals.
XLV. To deal in animal breeding generally.
XLVI. To deal in business of training and outsourcing Veterinary and animal handling professionals and equip them with required knowledge and skills and avail them to employers competitively.
XLVII. To offer Agro-Veterinary services to members of the public, local government agencies, multinational Companies and international organizations.
XLVIII. To deal in services of establishment and management of veterinary Drugs and Pharmacies.
XLIX. To invest in all business of development of animal wastes and by-products to generate energy, by-products and farm inputs.
L. To carry out services of meat inspection generally to determine its fitness for human consumption and market worthiness of all livestock animals, all domestic animals’ meat, poultry meat and any other edible meat of any other animals.
LI. To offer wide scale consultancy services nationally, regionally and internationally on Livestock, wild game, domestic animals, pets and birds generally.
LII. To deal in extensive services of animal handling, care and treatment for wild game of all categories and breeding which may include genetic cross breeding for proper or improved animal husbandry and scientific experimental research.
LIII. To deal in cross boarder livestock and wild game vaccinations and treatment, care and research to eliminate cross boarder livestock diseases of both cattle and wild animals including migratory animals and birds.
LIV. To carry out business of consultancy on a wide range of veterinary services; wildlife/game, birds and livestock Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, Goats, Sheep etc.).
LV. To establish and manage veterinary based research centers and Educational Laboratories for both Science Scholars nationally, regionally and internationally.
LVI. To extensively invest in research on Zoonotic and communicable diseases (Rabies, Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Anthrax, Salmonella infections, worm infestations etc.) i.e. from animals to humans and the reverse to guard against their spread and ensuring their containment and elimination in corroboration with lead agencies.
LVII. To invest in industrial processing plants for purposes of manufacturing animal drugs, chemicals and vaccines.
LVIII. To offer consultancy services on slaughter houses and abattoirs; planning construction, operations, management and hygiene.
LIX. To engage in business of animal feeds, concentrates analysis, processing procurement and making them available to feed processors and recommending them for certification.
LX. To engage in animal feeds manufacturing and processing for all types of livestock, farm animals, marine/aquatic life and wild game.
LXI. To do all or any things herein before authorized either alone or in conjunction with others or as factors, trustees or through factors trustees or agents and all other things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.