We offer professional services both for domestic and wild animals. Our domesticated animal services include both individual and community health and husbandry management. Our main basic services are aimed at disease prevention and control. Where prevention and control have not been successful then we intervene with fighting the infections and outbreaks. These include; individual and community awareness on basic animal health, human and animal interactions and best practices for caring for animals, animal husbandry, Zoonoses and management of Zoonotic diseases.
We carry out animal treatments, Mass treatments, vaccinations, Deworming, animal products handling like clean milk production and milk products processing, Meat inspection and meat products processing and all other animal intervention services. We offer farm Business planning and Farm training services on farm /animal and crop husbandry practices. We train farmers on Agricultural Economics and general husbandry practices. We generally carry out all extension services including Farmers’ Training mindful of the Environmental Sustainability.

We offer our services to individuals, communities, Community Based Organizations, Non Governmental Organizations, Companies, Central and Local Governments and International Organizations.
Principally we carry out epidemiological geo-surveillance and mapping; we collect and analyze data into concrete information on most common and occasional diseases like Foot and Mouth disease, Rabies, Anthrax, Brucellosis, Contagious Bovine Pleural Pneumonia, Rinderpest, Trypanosomiasis and many others. We offer community mobilization services, Human resource Sourcing and Training.
we offer Oversight and Supervisory Services including Auditing and Inspection. We perform all Animal Related and Livestock Business services.