In pursuing and fulfilling the vision and mission, VBBULtd achieves individual persons, organizational and public good by:

Caring for the Animals and livestock in particular to serve and save the People of Uganda, We advance the public good with purpose and passion while honouring democratic values through:

  • Preservation and improvement of human health and life by ensuring that the best and healthy livestock products are accessible to humans.
  • • Ensuring that the clients' services satisfy farmers’ needs and benefit humanity.
    • Ensuring that animal rights are upheld through among others ensuring that they remain healthy by thorough, effective and efficient diseases’ preventive and management efforts.
    • Ensuring that Animal Drugs and other chemicals are professionally handled mindful of safe storage, correct diagnosis and prescriptions, rightful dosages and shelf lives of such drugs.
    • Ensuring that we are at all times accountable to our clients and our profession.
    • Reliability; to be always available to our clients’ for the attention of animal lives.
    • Dependability; to at all times be depended upon by our clients at any hour of the day.
    • Ensuring that all pet animals, wild animals and other none livestock animals enjoy a healthy life.
    • Ensuring that the transmission links between animal diseases and humans’ are severed.